Tea inspiration

P_20160122_141440Fine quality tea is like a natural beauty, she does not need any aromatic additives to cover up or to create a fake image; her natural beauty, scent and flavor inspire your imagination and dreams without word.

With tea, we enjoy the fun of taking a peaceful moment to appreciate her natural beauty.

In tea, we listen to the accumulated whisper of ancient wisdom, history and stories of cultural integration.

In tea, we have the first hand opportunity to appreciate the genuine sincerity, simple compassion, love and respect.

When sipping a cup of tea gently, we learn to understand why keeping head down is necessary, and realize life isn’t that complicate when we are able to focus on one thing at a time.

In tea, there are you, I and they; in the cup, time stands still, it gives us a clear reflection of pass, now and the future.

P_20160122_141440When enjoying a cup of fine quality tea, the heart is full of priceless love and respect to the Mother Nature and Humane.

自古佳茗如佳人. 質優好茶不需要任何額外的香料做裝飾; 她的美, 香與味本身就如伊甸園中的神奇自然, 不需任何語言就可以很自然地激起你的靈感與夢想.  茶中自然的美,內含古人累積的智慧及歷史經歷,簡單的過程中顯現的茶人一片真心,愛心及誠敬之心。

低頭品茗,茶盞中裝的不光是茶, 因為 杯中有你,有她/他,也有我;  杯中有古,有今及夢想中的未來. 執手與茶, 心中充滿的是滿滿無價的愛及憐惜.