2004 Phonix Toucha (Raw)

2004 Phonix Toucha (Raw) 鳳凰沱茶 (生茶)
The tea has transformed with rich woody and plum flavor. Leaves have shinny in dark greyish green.
Once it charms the tip of my tongue, the fruity note moves fast but smoothly to both side of my tongue, at end fmoves the dried astringent taste to the middle of my tongue.The aroma and sweet dried flavor stay in my mouth for long time.
When the temperature drops, the fruity note becomes more clear. The mouth feels a little bit dry, but no sign of bitterness. Mmmmm, it’s time to enjoy the 2nd cup.  A small toucha allows you to infuse it at least 6-8 times.

Suggested tea ware: porcelain teapot or gaiwan / Yixing teapot
Water temperature: 90-95 Celcius

這鳳凰小沱茶被十年遺忘冷藏 (只是放在通風陰涼處, 而不是什麼放在冰箱裡冷藏), 茶香已有明顯轉化. 呈現非常濃郁的木香與棗香. 茶葉呈明亮的深墨綠色.

一旦入口第一個口感就在舌尖, 很快的果酸轉倒舌根兩側, 口中生津. 進一步口感轉到舌中那層層的香澀甘甜的口感在口中持續停留.
當茶水溫度略降, 那果酸變的更明顯.  甘澀在口中久久不散, 毫無苦澀感.