2014 Lishan Winter Oolong


malanbaa5nce the tea plants were planted about 4 years ago, this is the first time tea leaves were


2014 冬茶

  • Picking time: 7/10/2014
  • Fermentation level: meld
  • Aroma : Smooth with lightly touch of orchid, fruit, chestnuts and mung bean
  • Flavor: Tongue can easily being charmed by its dried sweetness first note and mild astringent after taste.茶湯

Brewing Suggestion

  • This high mountain Oolong is a natural organic tea and the fermentation level is light, therefore pre-soaking method can be avoided so you can enjoy its fine nature aroma and flavor starting from the first infusion
  • 1g tea : 75ml – 100ml water (quantity adjustment subjects to individual preference)
  • Water temperature: 90-95 Celsius
  • Small quantity tea leaves allow you to enjoy at least 6 infusions fine cup of tea

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