Wu-Ming Center of Chinese Studies

Wu-Ming traditional Chinese studyWith the rising of China market, more business and/or job opportunities are opened; therefore there are more and more people showing interest to learn Chinese language, some show interests to learn Chinese culture and traditional philosophies. The biggest difference between Chinese language with the Western language is that Chinese characters are not formed from A to Z but are viewed as graphic coding in computer since the basic structure of the Chinese characters is based on symbolic shape and/or meaning.  In Chinese culture, learning Chinese does not limited to the learning of characters, it is about how much one can comprehend the wisdom behind and become a better person.

Often we heard people saying that learning Chinese is very difficult because:

  1. Different spelling with the complex of different intonations. With the same spelling and intonation often can come out more dozen choice of characters.
  2. To master the basic conversation in Chinese, one must learn at least over 3000 or more characters and many idioms, each is either based on an actual event happened in Chinese history or a story that meant to enlighten the thinking process

Nonetheless, these challenges are not just for foreigners but also for Chinese people.  Because learning Chinese is an endless learning process not only about the language, itself, but also history, morals, good manners and values.

Thousands of year of accumulated wisdom behind each symbolic Chinese character; each character can open the door for another level of advancing learning in life. This level of learning is however not able to achieve through the learning of simplified Chinese characters, but must go back to the learning of traditional writing.

If a tree wants to grow taller and stronger, it must starts from enforcing its roots; it is just like learning Kungfu, Taiji or Qigong that accurate and consistent practice in the basic training plays a vital role to the advance achievement.

The learning of Chinese traditional characters and historical studies are not just about learning the characters and wisdom, it helps to strengthen the learning spirit for life, that requires endless devotion without any excuse. One needs not to ask how much to gain in return; because the daily devotion and every enlightenment are priceless gain in life.

Starting from September 2015, the Belgium Chinese Tea Culture Association will arrange regular Chinese traditional studies event in our centre, when people can deepen and share the fun learning process.

Currently we plan to organize such event once a month, of course we are more than happy to change it according to participants’ wish in the future.

The Opening Door event  

Date & Time: 6th September 2015 from 14:00 – 16:00


  1. Disassemble a character
  2. The 1st study article : 禮記大同篇 lǐ yùn dà tóng piān
  3. Practice of Chinese calligraphy
  4. Tea time

Cost: 10EUR/pp (Non-member); 8EUR/pp (Member)

For more information please contact Mei Lan Hsiao, Email: info@chineseteaarts.com; GSM: 0494-50 68 99