Alishan Jin Xuan Oolong

Alishan Jin Xuan OolongP_20151013_105912

 Jin Xuan Oolong was mistakenly translated as “Milky Oolong”, it misled people to think it has strong milky aroma. Actually its natural aroma of dried leaf is pretty fine mixture of green and floral aroma. Once it’s been warmed up, then there is very fine “creamy” silky flavour.
The color is clear light amber.
Enjoy its warmth and smooth flavour and gentle but lasting after taste.

在國外有人誤把他的名字翻成”牛奶烏龍” 誤導消費者以為金萱烏龍乾葉有那撲鼻的牛奶香是正常, 而不自知其實他們買的那撲鼻的牛奶香烏龍其實是加味茶.
這一款阿里山金萱烏龍, 乾茶有那淡淡的花香與蜜蜜的甜香. 在熱潤之後, 享受那一股蜜蜜的乳香 (Creamy 而不是 Milky).
茶湯是一種金黃金黃的貴氣之美, 在品茶的時候感受到一層甜甜蜜蜜的甘甜, 水滑. 在嘴中慢慢回甘.