Da Yu Ling Winter Oolong

One type of tea tree can create unthinkable amazing diversity and wonder
Da Yu Ling Winter Oolong

12140717_10206628565146372_3794206641816519087_nThe mixture of green beans, floral, nuts and fruity note gave us a chance to enjoy the touch of sun and the mysterious mist in the high altitude valley.

It whisped the wisdom of changing environment and seasons. It touched our soul with its dried sweetness and a cheerful lengthy flavour of gentle astringent after taste.

Tea is not just tree, but a wonderful combination of nature, harmony and respect which is not just only important to our health and the society, but also provides us a life time learning through fine and joyful taste of tea.

You can price the tea, but you can not price the value of health, peace, tranquility and inspiration about life that tea can enlighten you when you are willing to take a moment and listen.

So what is your choice today.