Dark Oolong from Northeren Thailand

P_20151011_143210They claimed it as ” Dark Oolong tea, origin:Northeren Thailand. Type of tea tree: unknowen.

1.The color indeed is dark green, But itis has no aroma or flavour of Oolong tea
2. The picking was rough, many broken leaves. Some leaves are dried and hard. The length of tea leaf: +/-7cm⋯⋯
3. Also have problem with the processing
P_20151011_1431504. No aroma or flavour of floral, fruity, nuts or green beans that I can link it with any type of Oolong tea. It does has bitterness taste from the Citrus fruit but without fruity note in tea
5. The taste is bitter , no sense of the sweetness after taste

I was hoping for somewhat after taste, unfortunately it never came out.
With this tea must consider to add on some sugar or honey.

Heavy fermented tea does not mean it is Oolong tea, Oolong tea is one verymuch unique tea because of its tea tree and sophisticated processing techniques.