Ethic issues in tea business

Tea is simple, earthy, nature and healthy drink, but it can be easily mis-interpreted and misused by people because of its simplicity.

For years I emphasized the importance of business ethic issues in tea trading and tried to share pesticide standards information with tea farmers in China and Taiwan.  I came across with many people who claimed themselves as ‘the best tea master” or the ‘the first tea sommelier’ in different part of world.  Whenever I heard about new tea book/s, I would like to get a copy in order to keep my windows of learning opened.  But, for years I’ve heard and witnessed many ‘not correct’ doing or funny information.

Few years ago I wrote an article about “critical questions for those who love Taiwanese Oolong tea” (  For years, some times people even questioned me why asking so much questions, some even criticized me being hypocrite; but for me, I only question myself “Have I tried to be honest”.  Finally there are honest tea farmers, tea manufacturers and tea traders started to share my concerns and have enough lies from those bad apples; finally local media started to pay attention to this issue. .

The quantity of true premium quality high mountain oolong tea is limited, that’s the price is often very expensive.  Just because high mountain oolong can make good profit margin, so there are some questions for Taiwan high mountain oolong tea.  Working a honest and reliable supplier is very important.

The tea supply chain structure in Taiwan is very different from the rest of the world. Since I started to promote quality tea , I vowed to work with honest people in this chain and I am happy with respectful long lasting and trust-worthy relationships with tea suppliers.

Only when we are able to obtain and to share more information,  we know how to make our decision to protect our customers.

Not I against tea from certainly country or region, but I do insist pure & authentic quality.  The reason is very straight forwards and simple, because I personally drink a lot of tea and I do not joke with my own health. For years I insist to work with tea farmers who are adapting the organic way of farm management, I do insist with the correctness and honesty with the information. So I can enjoy the taste of tea without having any back worries.

Tea is not just about calculating how much profit can I make, it is about if I could face myself with a clear consciousness.