Here & Now

When we think we know a lot, think twice.

When we think we have done well enough, check twice again.

Our biggest enemies are not out there who we think we can put one of our finger to, but the other three fingers that are pointing to ourselves.

The border or structure that can be seen with eyes is easy to break, the invisible one is subject to the recognition and actions of the individual. That’s why Wu Wei 無為 is about positive but not pessimistic, it is about proactive but not passive.barca-mar

I love my family and children dearly but I won’t keep my eyes close by ignoring what are right vs. what are wrong. I learnt my lesson well from those years when I hided my head in the sand with the hope to have a peaceful and happy family life until I realized how stupid I was when faced the bitter bullying and betrayal.  But now, not any more because I found my strength and smile back from within. When moving forwards does not mean I should forget what have happened and keep my head in sand again.  Before being able to  “Let go” I must first recognize, accept and manage the past.

Now I know what not to compromise and give up, no matter what. Now I enjoy standing tall and welcoming the breeze without any bit of sorrow, fear and regret. Because I have every right to be here and now.

I love this part from “Invictus” written by William Ernest Henley –

Find, and should find, me unafraid.


I am the master of my fate,

I am the captain of my soul.