Home-made healthy Ice Tea

A recent TV report from Taiwan on 17/5/2016 caught my attention.  A 30 years old young man became a diabetic patient, the diagnosis showed the cause of his health problem is because he drank several cup of either bubble tea or sweet hand-shaked tea per day. 
From the health point of view
Indeed bubble tea and hand-shaked tea taste good because of sugar and cold, but do you know how much calorie you drink in each cup?  Furthermore, are you sure what kind of raw materials, such as tea (extract?), sugar, milk, aroma additives, etc. are used in the bubble tea or hand-shaked tea?
Frankly speaking bubble tea, hand-shaked tea,…those sugar soft drink actually are the worst tea innovations from Taiwan, there is nothing about culture or humane values that we can feel proud about.
From the economic point of view 6985988634_128167245a_c
One cup of hand-shaked tea cost you 100NT$ (almost 3EUR per cup), if you consume 5 cups a day, then you are spending 500NT$(almost 15.00EUR per day).  Even if you used rather good quality whole leaf tea, 10 grams probably cost you less than 2.00EUR a day.  So clever you shouldn’t too hard to figure out which one is more economical, right?  Besides, you can choose either to enjoy the ice tea with or without other flavour or sugar.  You are not just captain of your soul, but also of your body and health.
In Taiwan we have many good quality Oolong tea and Black Tea. Why bother to spend a lot of money to drink something that can cause you health problem?  Don’t be lazy and certainly don’t take your own health for joke. Support pure and authentic natural quality tea is not just for tea farmers, but most importantly for your own health.
Home-made Ice Tea is fun and healthy

10g Four Season Oolong in 1Lt. cold water, overnight in the refrigerator

10g Four Season Oolong in 1Lt. cold water overnight in the refrigerator. Pure Ice tea

Would like to make a delicious ice tea for yourself and your family?  Using pure and goodquality tea actually is a brilliant and economic choice:

Brewing Suggestion:

  • Can choose either green, white, oolong or black tea.  Hand-picked good quality whole leaf tea is always the best choice .
  • 10g vs. 1 Liter of cold water (for some tea that has very strong natural scent and flavour, you can even use 10 gram of tea with 2 Liter of water)
  • Put it in the fregirator in the evening, filter the tea out and refill the container with more cold water for the next cold infusion.  Can repeat this same procedure for at least 3 times or more.

    Add 1 lemon fresh juice & 1tp honey

    Add 1 lemon fresh juice & 1tp honey. Refreshing and Nature Taste

  • Can add fresh lemon or fruit juice and honey with the ice tea.  Enjoy a glass of inexpensive and delicious home made ice tea.
  • In case of using the room temperature of water from PPE bottled water and leave it in the room temperature, then about 1-2 hours, you can already enjoy the cold tea (subject to the room temperature)
  • Don’t leave the PPE bottled water or cold tea in car.
  • Can repeatedly refill the water into the bottle