How to brew tea from a tea bag


Most tea bags are either use tea dust, CTC or broken leaves, but seldom quality whole tea leaves

According to the local TV report in January 2014, the laboratory in Leuven University tested a tea bag from Lipton and found out it contains sugar which was not mention it on the package.  It is not clear in the TV report which type of ea bag of tea was used in the analysis or has the laboratory analyzed different kind of flavored teas from Lipton because as we know Lipton has so many different flavored teas.

I am sure Lipton will also conduct their own analysis and hopefully we will soon get some explanation from Lipton.  But I do not recall there were any follow-up explanation or report.  So it is upto the consumers to make their own choice.   But there is one thing we would like to point out that >80% of teas sold in the market are aomatic flavored teas, range from tea bags to loose leaves teas.  Your challenge will be are you able to tell the difference between pure and authentic quality from aroma flavored teas?

As matter of fact, it is not just only Lipton but also many famous companies who produce tea bags or loose blended tea are using the blending techniques with flower or fruits with green, white or black teas, some might already contain sugar; some are even using the essential oil to density its aroma and taste.   Why most tea bags or blended tea are using less quality tea leaves, such as  tea dust, CTC  or broken leaves?  The answer are quite easy to understand: 1) the lower buying cost and higher sales margin are the most direct economic attractions;  2) low quality tea has less significant nature aroma, tea can easily absorb the aroma from the blending herbal ingredients and/or aroma essential oil.   Good quality tea  is like a nature beauty that does not need additional aroma additives.

It is indeed a very important and serious ethic issue of how company (regardless big or small)  label their products honestly.  Because the fundamental learning from tea is about “Being Genuine” and “Honest”

Tea bag is very convenient.

It is indeed very convenience to use tea bags in restaurants, cafe or during travelling.  Now a day, many offices are using automatic machine for coffee and tea. Did you notice that teas served from the automatic machines are all taste very sweet?  So if you don’t want to become a sugar slave, then perhaps should pay attention to learn what the genuine taste of tea is.

How to brew tea with tea bag

  1. It does not matter you are brewing tea from tea bag or loose leaves, it is suggested to warm up tea pot or tea cup first
  2. Choose the right quality of water, never use the distilled or repeatedly pre-boiled water.
  3. Put the tea bag into the pre-warmed teapot or tea cup and pour the water in
  4. Steep the tea bag by moving it up and down in the tea ware for about 7-9 times.  Should avoid steeping tea bag in water for too long in order to avoid consuming excessive caffeine
  5. Remove tea bag
  6. If you would like to add some sugar, then we would suggest to use nature brown sugar or maple or honey instead of white sugar.

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