It is just a cup of tea

公道杯-1Received a kind of bizzard inquiry about Cha Dao today —-

What is Chinese Cha Dao? How does it look like? Can you send me some photo’s?

I replied :

Can you please be more specific about what do you want to see? Is it about tasting tea? Is it about learning tea? Is it about learning tea arts (茶藝)?  Is it about learning Cha Dao?

Of course, another question I did not ask but left it to myself—->

What does she expect or want to see? Can simplicity and soberness satisfy her?

Frankly speaking I am not sure whether she understood my questions.   However those questions did remind me what I must not lose my way in the learning journey of life with tea:

Flowers are not just flowers; Tea is more than just tea

On the path of tea, there are much more to learn but are not limited to tea or tea arts.

What eyes can see can be illusion which can confuse me and drag me far from the path.

Keep my head down and focus, it is just a cup of tea.