Jin Xuan Oolong

Sometimes people ask me “Do you have Milky Oolong?” it gives me a chance to explain I fair trade only nature organic tea that I do not have aromatic teas.

111Jin Xuan Oolong vs. Milky Oolong

Actually the tea they refer as Milky Oolong is Jin Xuan Oolong. Jin Xuan is also known as Taiwan Tea No. 12 (series code 2027); its literal translation in English is Golden Daylily, and also is being mistakenly named as “Milky” Oolong. Jin Xuan Oolong has very fine nature floral aroma and a hidden note of mild creamy which it is totally different from the milky aroma.

59e744b73a08eea61b0d766f6ea040e9Jin Xuan is a unique Oolong tea plant originated from Taiwan which was developed after 43 years lengthy selection, matching and experiments by Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station, Council of Agriculture in 1981. The leaf of Jin Xuan is breeder oval shape, thick and in dark olive green gloss color. The plant has very good strength; the adaptability is very good that is widely planted in Taiwan.

In the early 90’s Jin Xuan Oolong tea plant migrated to China, Vietnam and Thailand. Even thought the plant is same and the tea processing know-how have also been transferred, but the aroma and taste are not entirely same as Jin Xuan Oolong tea from Taiwan because the migration cannot duplicate the unique nature environment in Taiwan.

Organic tea should be pure & nature

Recently a Chinese friend who claims selling only organic tea asked me to visit his tea shop, the decoration of his tea room is pretty nice. In his shop there is “Milky Oolong”, I was curious and asked to have a look of it. I was shocked and jumped literally two steps backwards because of its strong milky aroma that rushed into my noses.jin xuan

Organic tea should be pure and nature but there is many aromatic and/or blending teas sold in the organic shops as well. When tea is being mixed with aroma basically the aroma and flavor are no longer pure and nature. So how do you define organic tea from normal tea? Can you tell the difference of these two?

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