Measurement of tea

It’s been more than once or twice that people told me they measure the quantity of tea with a tea spoon or pinch it with fingers.  Is it the right way to measure quantity of tea used?  Well, I think there are few factors we have to consider before we answer the question that every tea might have different density weight because of:

  1. Type of tea – how tea was processed after picking
  2. The size and shape of tea can influence how much tea that 1 tea spoon can take
  3. How old is the tea – the aging process during the storing might affect the water content

It’s said one image is more than thousand words, so I think the following photos are sufficient to illustrate the fact:

The following teas will be measured with a standard sized tea spoon

All teas were measured by one tea spoon


Samples from other supplier


Samples from other supplier