No Best, Only Good and Better

gonfu chaOften people asked me a question about which tea is the best. Whenever receiving such question, I can only  patiently explain, no one can really pinpoint one tea and claim it as the best tea in the world. Reasons are actually pretty easy and straight forwards:

  • The first and the most important reason is everyone can has her/his preference for flavour and taste, there is no right or wrong but just a simple choice that people choose to enjoy in their life style
  • There are many GOOD teas and many BETTER QUALITY teas; once you set the base point for selection, then you will only move further up.
  • Even if you have the most expensive tea, but if you do not know how to brew tea correctly for your guests, then perhaps they will rate it lower that they won’t tell you in person.

Tea is about the moment to enjoy a cup of tasteful drink – tea, so the question is how do we set our mind and heart when we enjoy a cup of tea. When we set our mind and heart at the right place with the positive energy and thoughts, then we learn to appreciate every moment with the simplest thing.

Enjoy a cup of tea.