Our enemies are not peaceful Muslims but evil IS

We have nothing to against peaceful Muslims. For me it is Ok that people  dress differently, people speak different languages, people have different skin colors, as long as they embrace the same human basic values, they endorse peace and share the same thought for harmony in our society for their children, then they are not different from you and me.screenshot_2015-11-15_17.03.07

What we must fight against is that evil extreme religious organization, IS.

The world has already suffered too much pain because of hate, it’s time for us to make a change. Each of us is perhaps small and helpless, but if we could act together, we are then powerful and can achieve wonders by being united for humane.

We have to help those peaceful Muslims to understand the best way to integrate in our society is to say NO to extreme groups, NOT to participate lesson or activities organized by extreme religious groups, NOT TO provide any shelter to those extreme terrors even if they use the name of Ala, Jitha or Brotherhood. There is no excuse to justify the wrong doing by hurting or killing  innocent people; IS conducts bloody boucher actions by killing or fighting against the world without right cause is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. 

Europe is still suffering the economic down hill, the unemployment  is indeed a serious political as well as social issue, but it is not  the problem only for Muslims or for migrants, but also for many locals. The desire of finding a job and becoming rich generates very high psychological stress; this stress only pull their feet out from the ground and make them fall into deeper level of stress and fear.  Believe me, I know how it feel of being discriminated in the process of trying to find a job because of age and languages.  But these difficulties do not give me rights to become a bitter or hateful person; certainly I have no rights to hold others to responsible for my life, because I do not want others to master my life and I do not want to have problem to face my own consciousness when I go to bed every night.

It is not easy to put two feet on the ground, the struggles are still on going.  What I can do is to deepen my roots  and maintain positive thinking whenever I can.  Because it is I who need to face my own decision and take my own responsibilities. I am the captain of my own ship in the journey of my life.