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I am intereted in the way of tea – TAO and QIGONG Unfortunately i am now hospitalised for acute leukemia But after stamcell transplant i hope to be ready Maybe you can already give me some advice



Thank you for your question and I feel terribly sorry for your health problem, I wish you a well recovery after the stem cells transplant.

Advice in tea : 

Before giving you advice about tea (from the six major categories, i.e. green/white/yellow/oolong/red (black)/dark (black)), can you please first let me know how is your stomach situation and energy level?

Tea is healthy ONLY IF you know what to choose and how to drink in accordance to your health conditions, starting from your stomach condition; also we have to consider the advice from your doctor so I can give you more appropriate suggestion.

At this moment, it is very important to take care your stomach and digestion system; suggest to avoid spicy and aggressive taste of food and drink; it is better to have easy digested food and drink (avoid too warm or too cold), definitely no smoking or alcohol.   It is very important to consult with your doctor closely.

Because I do not know your condition, so I can only give you a very general recommendation of  medicinal herbal teas for your consideration:

  1. Natural organic Mulberry tea – the Mulberry tea that we have in our centre is heavy fermented that contains no caffeine and it’s good for the immunity system as well, and it won’t create conflicting affect to your normal medicines. The tastes of this tea is sweet from its natural Tea Polysaccharide
  2. Especially blended of Dong Chong Xia Cao (冬蟲夏草Cordyceps sinensis (Berk.) Sacc.)with Ganodermataceae (靈芝Lingzi) , Goji (枸杞Lycium chinense Miller) and Chinese red dates (紅棗 Chinese Ziziphus Jujube) – you can either boil it as tea drink (one blend is for three days), but also can put these ingredients in your chicken soup

Can also try to have one spoon mixture of honey Royal Jelly  with Honey (in 1:1 portion) with a glass of water, one to two times a day.  If you are not allergy against nuts then can probably try to boil rice with 10 pcs of walnuts in a lot of water (rice gruel); another recipe is using the soup of HeShouWu (何首烏 Polygonum multiflorum Thunb.) (boil HeShouWu in water for 40 minutes) cook it with rice in a lot of water (rice gruel)  and serve with natural dark sugar (i.e. dark baster sugar; not refined white sugar), these two are very easy digested food that can be served as main food or desert.

If your stomach and digestion system are not having any problem and you would like to enjoy tea, then I would suggest the following:

  • Green tea – suggest Bi Lou Chun or Mao Feng; certainly should avoid the choice of green tea that has aggressive green note and taste
  • White Tea can be an interesting option if you like the refreshing taste from the family of  green tea
  • Traditional mid. fermented / roasted Oolong tea
  • Naturally Aged or Honey Black Tea
  • Naturally Aged or Ripped Pu-erh


  1. Choose the hand-picked quality loose leaf teas – if I would you, I would definitely avoid the aromatic teas (more than 85% of teas sold in tea shops or market today are perfumed or aromatic blending teas. Don’t trust your nose but try to judge it based on the taste); also I would avoid to drink tea from tea bags made from broken leaves or CDC quality because it contains more caffeine even with very short infusion.)
  2. Always first warm up your teapot and cup with warm water, pour the warm water into tea and then filter it out immediately. The first infusion of tea that you drink actually is your second infusion and onwards.
  3. Keep the brewing time short so you can enjoy the tea with its pleasant mild and light flavor/tastes without upsetting your stomach and digestion system
  4. Never serve medicines with tea (even with the infusion or herbal tea)
  5. Normally we can consume 6-8 cups of tea a day (about 1.2-1.5 liter a day), but for you, I would suggest to keep it 3-4 cups. Carefully check how your stomach and digestion system react to the tea.
  6. Drink ‘mild’ warm water (mixture of warm and cold water; definitely the temperature should be warmer than the room temperature but closes to your body temperature, i.e. 37-38 degree) in between tea drinks
  7. In case you have problem to distinguish the taste because of the bitter taste in your mouth, then can try to brush your tone when you brush your teeth and drink more warm water every day.
  8. The basic thing that I learnt from my mother since my childhood – when you sick, eat more meals in smaller volume per meal. The basic principle for healthy life style should always follow the principle of “Eating light and drinking mild”.

Advice in Qigong 

I will try to make a short video clip for a simple “arms swinging exercise” and post on line later.

I hope the above brief information is useful.  Best wishes for a good recovery.

Beste groetjes / Best regards,

Mei Lan Hsiao, Chinese Tea Master / Life Coach

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