Q&A – When brew tea with Wood Fired Chawan


When we use the wood fired chawan , will the color difuse ?


Wood Fired Chawan by Mr. Xie Zhi-Ming

Wood Fired Chawan by Mr. Hsieh Zhe-Ming

The color of tea won’t be difused because of using the wood fired chawan. The wood fired chawan is an amazing ceramic art work, the art work itself won’t disfuse the color of tea, but it does, however, can smoothen the taste of tea.

After tea is being brewed, the color of tea can be disfused because of oxidation with air if you forget tea and let it gets cold in the cup. The change of disfusing color is more obvious with light fermented teas due to the oxidation; but it is not so clear with heavy-, full- and post-fermented teas.

Tea is more than a cup of tea, chawan is more than clay. That’s the beauty and magic of matching tea with tea ware in Cha Dao culture. There are endless lessons to be learned and endless fine teas for exploration.

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