Rather being wise than smart

The more I think about it, the more I think it is better not too smart but wise.

If everyone wanted to become number 1, then who is going to be number 2? Without the support from number 2, 3, 4…, what kind of glory that number 1 can be proud of?

If everyone wanted to become the head of chicken, then where is the running chicken without the body, wings, legs/feet and feather?
If there is no chicken, there is no egg; vice versa.

ha ha ha, going to enjoy a cup of tea with my love one.


若每個人都要爭第一, 那誰做第二? 沒有第二, 第三等的基層的撐托, 哪來的第一的光彩?
若人人都要做雞頭, 沒有雞身, 雞尾, 雞腿與腳, 雞翅膀與羽毛, 那麼哪來會跑的雞?
沒有雞, 哪來蛋; 沒有蛋, 哪來雞?
呵呵呵, 喫茶去囉