Taste comparison of tea bags – Organic Green Tea

Normally when going outside or travelling, it is always convenient to have some tea bags in my hand bag,  but today is an exception. Because I did have my own tea bags with me, so I have no option but to choose a green tea bag at the horeca wholesalers warehouse today. Well, it wasn’t a bad thing because it gave me a chance to conduct some taste comparison of tea bag.

“BIO Premium quality” was mentioned on the bag.  In principle the BIO process and certification should be limited from the growing place and original processing stage.  Can repackaging be also considered as BIO, that’s a million dollars question that people may have different opinions. No matter what, it should mean “nature and proper quality”.

P_20151125_123708 P_20151125_165017

Quality: the first observation on the leaf:  broken leaves. Clearly being processed by machine cut


–> Hardly can have any sense of  smell with the dried tea leaf bag, also

–> Not much scent during the steeping process.

Color:  very yellowish amber. Positive points are: transparent and clean


–> the flavour and taste are P_20151125_164730ery light. Can hardly link it with the unique flavour or taste with the average quality of green tea

I took one extra bag with me and to-do the tasting process at home with a slightly higher water temperature (80°C). Again, not much flavour but with the higher water temperature, notice a kind of sour and mos taste, again it is hard to link the flavour and taste with average quality green tea. Certainly can not compare with premium quality.


  • No information about from where the tea are caming from.
  • The ECO and EU certificates cost a lot of money. After deducting the certificate labelling cost, I wonder how much profit really go to tea farmer/s and pickers.
  • The flavour and taste do not encourage multiple infusions.

In order to make a clearer and objective comparison, soI at home I  choose organic green tea tea bag from Gui Zhou, ChinaP_20151125_165807

The1st choice is the “First Quality” Green tea:

Quality: Broken leavesP_20151125_165729

Aroma: Light and nature, with mild green bean flavour

Color: Light amber green, clear and transparent

Flavour: Mild greenish, gentle with the dryness after taste.


  • It certainly allows multiple infusions (+/-3)
  • Nice astringent after taste
  • Beware with the 2nd infusion, it is better to shorten the steeping time in order to avoid the bitter taste

The next choice of tea bag is the “premium quality” Green TeaP_20151125_200822 P_20151125_201137

Quality: Handpick twitted shape

Aroma: Nature , pleasant green note with rich green beans flavour

Color: Clear and transparent amber green

Flavour: the soft and genP_20151125_201502tle flavour is substantially supported by green astringent note. Lengthy dry after taste.


  • The brewing method and steeping time should follow what we do with loose leaves green tea.

Water temperature: 75-80°C

Steeping time – Keep it short & sexy :

  • 1st infusion:1 minute; 2nd infusion: 45 seconds; 3rd infusion 1 minute. Starting from the 4th infusion can lengthen the stepping time to 2-3 minutes
  • No need to follow the drinking suggestion that mentioned on the back side of tea bag. Brewing tea as the way you can get the best taste that you can enjoy. 
  • Allow more multiple infusions. Basically it can be one tea bag for one time consumption.

It is like being witched once you fall in love with pure nature premium quality tea. It is hard to low down quality standard for tea.  Well, it is more fun to enjoy premium quality tea.  Because the premium quality tea allows more multiple infusions, therefore the cost per cup is much cost effective than the low quality.

Why treat yourself with the lower quality, because you deserve the best.