Tea – a simple but not simple choice

12243393_10206762286689327_6227841347973269625_nThere are many good things I can share with you about tea. But sometimes I am facing challenging question about “What shall I drink today?”  Not because I do not have enough teas, on the contrary, it is because there are so many that I don’t know how to make a choice.  This morning was the day.

Searching around, searching around.  The little tin of 2003 Pu-Erh head got my attention.

Why not, I haven’t drank it for long time. It could be a good choice in this windy early winter morning.

Which tea pot should I use for it?  The large sized “Mouse on granary” Yixing tea pot dropped into my sight.

12247112_10206762287089337_3366068432882790377_nWhy not, it hasn’t drank tea for long time.  It is not an expensive Yixing teapot that made by famouse ceramist, it is “Mouse on Granary” among my teapot collection.  Decided to let this simple earthy combination to kick off a day.

There is no extraordinary floral aroma, no sexy strength; just simple smooth and gentle taste.

When I am able to enjoy the simple, smooth and gentle taste, listen to the peaceful silence. Time lost its tie-ta, space lost its boarder.  That simple smooth flavour brings a perfect peaceful moment.

Tea is simple, just sit down, close your eyes to enjoy a moment of eternity with a cup of tea.