Yin Xiang Oolong 2016 Spring


1st pluck of spring 2016 from Zhushan (Da An 900mt. ), Nantou, Taiwan

Yin Xiang Oolong Tea 27/3/2016

Yin Xiang Oolong Tea 27/3/2016

Normally Yin Xiang tea tree cultivar is ideal to make the Bao Zhong Oolong because of its unique and rich flora flavour, but surprisingly it is too ideal to make the half-ball shape Oolong Tea.

The dried leaves do not have very intense flavour, but once it’s being waken up in the

warmed tea pot, immediately the mixture of flora with the creamy mung bean draws a beautiful image in mind.

How can I describe the taste? The only thought in mind is all based on one word:  Sweet, mild, smooth, gentle taste with fine and intense flavour.  It allows at least 7-8 infusions easily with 3g to 5g.

Brewing suggestion:  1g:50ml water, water temperature: 90-95 Celsius. Infusion time: 1 minute – 45 seconds – 1 minute  afterwards