Bai Ya Chi Lan Oolong

There are more than hundred different kind of tea trees for Oolong tea and each has its unique legend story, Bai Ya Chi Lan perhaps is not so well known as Tie Guan Yin but it certainly has its own based on its over 250 years history.


Hand-rolled half ball shape, mixture of mild and dark olive color

Bai Ya Chi Lan is a member from the Oolong tea family, originated from Ping He Xien in Fujian Province.  It is said the first tea tree was discovered next to a well in the period of Qian Long Emperor in Qing dynasty.  The bud and young leaves are in light green color, people picked its young bud and leaves to make Oolong tea.  Because it has a very delegate orchid flavor, so the tree was named as “Bai Ya Chi Lan”.

The Bai Ya Chi Lan is grown in the region on about 800meters altitude, seldom attacked by insects and grown in natural organic manners.

Observation of dried leaves

  • Hand rolled half ball shape
  • Light fermented in the mixture of mild and dark olive colors
  • because this Bai Ya Chi Lan was following the traditional method by being roasted with charcoal, so the orchid flavor is very milChilan02d, in replace there is a noticeable rice and caramel sweetness

Observation of tea

  • The natural organic growing method assures its abundant natural microorganisms.
  • The color of tea is in gentle yellowing amber cChilan03olor, with wonderful clarity and transparency
Flavor and the Taste

The first impression is : Mild and gentle.

Very suitable for those whose stomach is sensitive and yet would like to enjoy the Oolong tea.

When you drink the tea, because it is not astringent and bitter, so probably will think it is very mild.  But be patient, because you will be amazed how long the return of sweetness after taste can last in your mouth.  Have a short break and then drink a glass of water, then you will then notice the difference.


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