Not-To-List with Tea

Tea, the most popular healthy drink next to the water in the world today.  There are many health benefits from tea because it contains: Caffeine, Polyphenols, Vitamines (including Vit. A, B1, B2, C, E, etc.), Minerals, Flavonols, Saponin, Aminobutyric acid (GABA), and etc.  It’s like all kind of nutritional ingredients in the world that there are other nutritional ingredients can cause negative impact with the wrong combination.  So what kind of combination should be avoided with tea?

Here is the Not-To-List:

White sugar with spoon in wooden bowl, Close-up.

No. 1 on the Not-To-Do list: Avoid using white sugar  in tea


  • Perhaps it’s surprised to many people, the first item on the Not-To-Do list is White Sugar. The astringent taste from tea can stimulate the digestive gland that to promote the secretion of digestive juice and white sugar can restrain this function.  If you really would like to have sugar, then perhaps can consider the natural dark sugar or simply learn to drink pure tea without sugar.

Even though there are some dietitians suggest to drink tea (green tea) before meal in order to stimulate the appetite and digestion, but for thousands of year Chinese traditional medicine books have repeatedly suggest to avoid drinking tea with the empty stomach especially with green tea.  Certainly to those people who have problem with hyperacidity or suffer from gastric perforation should pay extra attention in tea selection,  and should learn how to brew tea correctly.

No. 2: Never serve medicine with tea

No. 2: Never serve medicine with tea

  • Never serve medicine with tea, regardless what kind of tea you choose to drink. The Tannin and Caffeine in tea can cause some chemical reaction with certain medicines that influence the absorb of those medicines.  Therefore, it is better to serve medicine with plain water but not tea.
No. 3, not to drink tea after drinking wine

No. 3, not to drink tea after drinking wine

  • The Theophylline in tea has diuretic effect.  It is not healthy to drink tea before the alcohol has not yet complete the decomposition of ethanol from the alcohol, then it can cause impact to the kidneys, so we would suggest to first have some acidic fruits, such as orange, grapefruits, kiwi, pineapple, etc., plus a glass of water and afterwards can enjoy a cup of tea, but not strong tea.
Lamb and tea are not good combination

Lamb and tea are not a good meal combination

  • Lamb and tea are not a good meal combination, because lamb meat contains pretty rich protein; when Tannin in tea meets with the protein from lamb can generate a kind of carbonated protein, it can cause convergence to the intestinal that has certain effects on the intestines peristalsis.  Therefore, we recommend not to enjoy the fine lamb chops with tea, also it is not suggested to drink right after the meal; it is better to wait about 2-3 hours.

Tea is health only if you know what to select and how to adapt it correctly in your daily life style.