Taiwan Four Season Oolong


How many different type of Oolong that I have in stock, frankly speaking I really don’t have the exact count. All I know is my collections of Taiwan Oolong probably can cover >75% of tea regions in Taiwan.  Among those oolong, Four Season Oolong from Ming Jian County, Nantou, can be considered as the ‘basic entrance selection” on my tea menu.

Based the additional information that I received for the Golden Oolong today, a privately cultivated tea tree variety by local tea famer in Ming Jian County, has reminded me the Four Season Oolong that I have on my shelf.

It is not a freshly picked this year, actually it’s a aging oolong because I have it, if I were not mistaken, probably in 1998.  What do you think that I will discover when I opened it?

P_20160105_154040Observation of dried leaves

Mixture of light and dark olive green color as it normally should

With pleasant and gentle flora and fruity aroma

P_20160105_154748Observation of tea

The tea color is clear and transparent in amber color (the color is richer because I used 10g in the tasting)

The color sustained in clear amber color in the later infusions.

Leaves in the cup gave a very pleasant flora and fruity notions, I was attracted by its lovely enchanted nature aroma.  Can’t wait to enjoy the taste.

Feedback of the taste

As I have expected, I was attracted by its smooth and gentle aroma with good oolong flavor.  The dragon has lost its sharp green teeth.  There was no sense of astringent or bitter taste.  In between different infusions, gave myself a chance to enjoy its gentle after taste. P_20160105_155312

Observation of leaves

One young leaf with two leaves with the brown redish edge.

Leaves are small but soft and supple.

Suggested Brewing

  • 1g : 75ml water
  • Water temperature: 95-99°C
  • Stipping time: 1 min. – 45 seconds – 1 min. – 1.2-1.5 min. – 2 min.
  • Tea ware selection : Porcelain, ceramic


Even thought it has been left alone for long time, even though the aroma from dried leaves is getting weak, but once she sits in warm water, she is still live and kicking with charming aroma and flavor.

After the 4th influsion, the tasting is still on going…….

The bag is back to well vacuum sealed and waited for the next visit.